Our Process

  • Discovery

    Our client relationships start with us learning about your financial situation as well as your goals and the timeframe in which you’d like to achieve them. It is equally important for you to know exactly what to expect from us, including:

    • What we do
    • How we’re paid
    • Our responsibilities
  • Design Your Plan

    We analyze your financial status and carefully evaluate solutions and strategies to help you achieve your goals. Then we meet with you to:

    • Explain our recommendations
    • Listen to your feedback
  • Implementation

    Our recommendations are put in place once you’ve signed off on them. Depending on the specific recommendation, implementation will be completed by:

    • Compass Wealth Planning
    • Outside professionals including estate planning attorneys, CPA’s, and insurance specialists
  • Monitor

    Financial planning is not a one-time event. Just like maintaining good physical health is aided by seeing your doctor on a regular basis, you will benefit financially from having your financial plan reviewed from time to time, and updated as needed. This can be accomplished by a variety of arrangements depending on your needs and circumstances. Once we have implemented your financial plan we will establish a defined communication plan for our future conversations.