Why Choose Us


No advisor takes their clients’ success more seriously. Whether it’s high-net-worth individuals and families, business owners, or families starting on the path to building wealth we put our clients’ interests first and do our utmost to help them achieve their objectives.

All advisors claim to be client-focused. But at Compass Wealth Planning, we back it up with a client-empowering business model. We are an independent, fee-only, fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor. What does that mean?

  • As an independent firm, we answer only to our clients—not to a distant, “too big to fail” investment bank or brokerage house. That means we can focus solely on what you need, not on generating profits for our parent by pushing expensive products or by taking service shortcuts.
  • As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to put our clients’ interest first. The vast majority of financial advisors work not under the fiduciary standard but under the much looser “suitability” standard, which leads to serious conflicts of interest.
  • As a fee-only firm, we are in a position to recommend solutions that are in the best interest for our clients. Most advisors earn commissions or their bonus is based on how many products they sell. Not only are those two models inherently conflicted, but those salespeople are bound by a far weaker standard of client care than true fiduciaries.
  • Many firms require their advisors to serve 250-500 clients, unfortunately clients tend to get neglected in that environment. Our client-to-advisor ratios are deliberately kept low so that you get all the personal attention you need. Thoroughly understanding your situation and goals is the foundation of every action we take on your behalf. And it's the cornerstone of our success.

Our client-centered business model empowers us to focus not just on investing but on all the important financial needs of those we serve.

At Compass Wealth Planning, we continually seek to put ourselves in our clients' shoes. And we believe our ability to help you reach your goals—and maintain peace of mind along the way—sets us apart.