The Crypto-Currency-Coaster. You must be this tall to ride…

Rollercoasters are thrilling; they are exciting but let’s face it, when we get older, our tolerance for being banged around at high speed is a lot less than when we were younger. Bitcoin, and all things crypto-currency, have been doing their best lately to reenact the sensation of the coaster clicking up the track and the following sensation of your stomach dropping out from underneath of you. With single day prices swinging as much as 40% (12/21/17), investors are indeed having a wild ride.

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Five Ways Financial Planning Can Help

Would you take a cross country road trip without looking at a map or plotting out your course? Likely not, unless you subscribe to a vagabond style of living and enjoy going wherever the breeze takes you. While there may be some fun in being free and without an agenda, unfortunately there is more ruin that waits for you when we apply a nonchalant or avoidant approach to our finances. Having a financial plan is crucial to your financial success because it serves as a road-map for your goals, like retirement, leaving a legacy or making sure that you have the means to just simply have some fun in life without being reckless.

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Hi there!

My name is Mark Pomeroy, CFP® and welcome to Compass Wealth Planning. I am so excited to be able to introduce myself and share my story!

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